A typical roll of tickets is a long strip of paper perforated at regular intervals for easy separation and rolled up onto a cardboard core. Tickets are often sequentially numbered and can be used in everything from school sports admissions to raffle events and are a great way to distribute vouchers or food credits. Tickets designed on are printed using a full-color digital CYMK process on white stock. This process allows us to offer our clients the freedom to customize their tickets to fit their exact needs!

Freshly perforated and split tickets hot off the press!


The first decision of the design process is the size of your custom tickets. Below is a diagram of the sizes you’ll find ready to customize on our website.

Standard tickets measure 1″x2″ and are the perfect size for school PBIS programs and food/drink vouchers. 

Coupon tickets are perforated down the middle to make a 2″x2″ ticket with two sides, great for raffles. 

Billboard tickets are a square 2″x2″ ticket with more room for custom designs

Marquee tickets are the Coupon’s big brother; they’re 2″x4″ with a perforation running between the two sides.

Our 2″x3″ Junior and 2″x4″ Senior sizes are great for events like high school athletics as they have an optional tear-away stub that vendors can use for admission tracking and plenty of room for the school’s name, mascot, and event sponsors.

If none of our standard sizes quite fit your needs, please ask our sales team about custom-sized tickets! We can accommodate a great range of custom setups and are fully prepared to meet the unique needs of our clients! Shoot us an email at or call us at (800) 231-0989 to begin your custom order.


Opt for Regular Corner for a clean, sturdy finish or easy-to-tear Rounded Corner for that nostalgic roll ticket look.


In our online ticket designer module, you can choose from three numbering options, One Number, Two Numbers, or No Numbers.

Standard roll size is 1000 tickets per roll. You can request a specific starting number for your design and if your order contains multiple rolls of the same design, expect that by default the numbering will be consecutive from roll to roll (for example, if your start number is 1, the first roll will be numbered 1 to 1,000, the second will be numbered 1,001 to 2,000, and so on).

We’re capable of much more when it comes to variable data printing. We’re happy to discuss custom numbering, barcodes, QR codes, special fonts and more when you contact directly by calling (800) 231-0989 or emailing


Our printing process gives clients access to the full spectrum of CYMK color!

Original print is an economical option that doesn’t sacrifice quality for price. You can fully customize the front side of the ticket within the white border—any colors, images and wording you want!

Prime print includes all front side customizations that Original does PLUS backside black text and QR codes.

Super print allows for full-color print on both sides of the ticket within the white border.

With Deluxe printing, the entire ticket is fair game for any color, graphics and text, full-bleed print edge-to-edge. For those on a tighter budget but still wanting full-bleed print, we also offer One-Sided Deluxe print.