Template Tutorial

Start up:

When you open up the template with illustrator, there are two layers, ‘Text Guidelines’ and ‘Your Art’. The ‘Your Art’ layer is for you to design in and the ‘Text Guidelines’ layer is there to help you out.


1. Select the “Your Art” layer. (to open the layers tab go to Window>Layer)

2. Place your work or design your ticket.

3. When done outline text. (Shit + Ctrl “O”)

4. Click the eye icon to turn off “Text Guidelines” layer, all guidelines should disappear.


1. Export as high resolution JPG or PNG. (File > Export > Export as)
Make sure the resolution is set to high(300 ppi) and the background color is set to transparent.

2. Upload and place into ticket product generator.

3. Center your design or add some finishing touches and check out.