Bowling Centers


50/50 Raffle Tickets

Custom roll tickets are a great product for bowling alley league nights, fundraisers and company or organization rental nights. 50/50 raffles are one of the best-known ticket raffles. The bowling alley or fundraiser keeps 50% of the proceeds and the winning ticket holder collects the other 50%. Tickets are typically sold anywhere from $1-$5 dollars each. The more tickets someone purchases, the higher their possibility of winning!


Table Raffle, Basket Raffle, Chinese Auction, Penny Auction

This type of raffle goes by several names but is essentially the same concept. A number of products are arranged on a series of folding tables. Each item has a basket or bowl in front. People buy tickets and place one or several tickets in the corresponding basket of the item they wish to bid on. The more tickets you place in the basket or bowl, the higher the possibility you have of winning that item.


Gift Certificate Raffle

Often times promoting the bowling alley itself is the goal. Consider handing out raffle tickets at no cost to bowling alley patrons or attendees of birthday parties or special events. The winner of the raffle wins a gift card for free bowling.