Raffles, Giveaways, and Jackpots! Oh My!

Casinos offer many opportunities to use roll tickets. Aside from all the table games and slots, raffles and giveaways can be another exciting way for patrons to get in on some action! Floor managers, dealers and even waiters and waitresses can hand out tickets for exclusive raffles, giveaways or chances at the jackpot! The possibilities are only limited by imagination in the context of a casino. Customized roll tickets are a phenomenal way to promote the casino while providing a secure and difficult to duplicate ticket. Tickets are also great for free food and drink vouchers or redeemable for tokens at the cashier.


Casino Night Events

Casino night events are another popular place for roll tickets. There are a good number of special event companies that setup mock casino events for private events such as company parties. Typically these casino night companies come in and host a few table games using fake money and tokens. It’s a fun and financially risk free event for everyone to participate without gambling any of their own money. Often times, raffles are mixed into these events to give away gift cards, company branded items or even paid time off!