School Sports



High school athletics are fast becoming huge revenue generators for many districts. High school football games, in particular, are seeing record numbers of attendees often in the thousands. Many schools have formed partnerships and sponsorship’s with local business to advertise and help save money and raise additional funds. Our customized roll tickets are an excellent way to promote sponsors and create a high-quality event ticket for your school athletics. Coupons and promotions can be added to the backside of tickets while the front includes your event information, team colors, and school mascot all in bright exciting full-color print! This partnership can be a powerful revenue generator for both the school and local small business. If you are a school athletics director with local business support, consider reaching out to those businesses to discuss using our customized roll tickets! This is a great way to 100% subsidize your ticket costs by having the businesses reimburse or purchase them for you.


Giving You Control of Your Ticket

Designing tickets on our site allows schools to save money on setups and plate fees too. There are no additional fees or hidden charges. Prepare your artwork and create your design using our intuitive online ticket designer. This can be a great special project for a graphic arts class or an aspiring student. Our 2×2 coupon and 2×4 marquee tickets make great athletic event roll-tickets if a stub is needed while our 1×2 and 2×2 billboard tickets are great for a single more economical solution. Custom sizes and formats are available by request. Call 800-231-0989 or to find out more!


50/50 raffle tickets

Don’t forget your 50/50 raffle tickets for your athletics booster club! This classic raffle has been a mainstay of school fundraising since the beginning! Ticket sellers canvass the crowd selling tickets during the game and the winning number is called out over the loudspeaker sometime later during a game intermission. The school keeps 50% of the proceeds and the winning ticket holder collects the other 50%. Tickets are typically sold anywhere from $1-$5 dollars each. The more tickets someone purchases, the higher their possibility of winning! This is a great way to collect money for uniforms and gear, marching band or facilities.