Food and Drink

Hotels have proven to be one of our largest customer bases for roll tickets. Many hotels have dining, convention rooms or other guest services built right in. Sometimes free food or drink vouchers are offered by desk staff to certain guests based on corporate contracts or special events. Many large companies hold contracts with local hotels based on the large number of traveling employees or customers that routinely stay. Sometimes these visitors are offered free dinners or vouchers as a complimentary addition (paid by the host company in many cases).


Cover All The Bases

Other popular uses for roll tickets are for dry-cleaning or laundry services. Two part roll tickets with sequential numbering is a great way to keep track of guest items or garments. Temporary permit parking is another great use for our 2×2 or 2×4 roll tickets. A colorful ticket placed on the dash of a car is a great way to verify parking eligibility in crowded lots and places with limited parking


Living Green

With the added awareness of ‘living-green’ and reducing energy, many hotels have taken to offering discounts or free items to guests for reusing their towels more than one day, or not requesting bed turn-down service during their stay. This is of course what many people are used to living at home and is fine by most circumstances. If guests place a hanger on their door opting out of room-service, they can be rewarded with a roll ticket coupon for various discounts, points, or rewards.