Trade Shows


Two In One

Trade shows, expos, and conventions are a fabulous place to use roll tickets. Handing out a raffle ticket for an exciting prize is a wonderful way to boost traffic to your booth. Standing in front of your booth with a roll of raffle tickets can be a good way to entice people to talk to you and a great icebreaker before you start your spiel! You can also encourage them to come back a second time to see if they have won, or you can get their phone or email to send them the winning ticket number all while collecting a nice contact list!


Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Door prize tickets are another famous use of roll-tickets at shows. Everyone that pays admission gets a raffle ticket and the show promoter calls out the winner later in the day. The prize can be anywhere from fun promotional items, a cash prize, or even a vacation!


Vendor Visits

Boosting attendees vendor visits can be one of the primary focuses of these shows. Sometimes the event is not a sales focused event but more of an informational or resource type show. Perhaps you want people attending the show to visit as many presenters as possible and gather information. Handing out raffle tickets at each stop is a wonderful way to increase traffic everywhere and encourage visitors to stop at as many booths as possible.